What is Becoming Bad Ass?

Maverick researcher reveals the ancient Spartan Warrior secrets to help men over 50 become Badass Dads!

Who is this program for?

It’s only for those that are willing to get after it and follow Becoming Bad Ass as I’ve laid out in simple, easy to follow steps. And if you’re not willing to put in the effort, that’s OK, just don’t buy my product – it’s not for you. Save yourself the guilt and save me the time. But if you can answer YES to the following questions, then this program is right up your alley.

  • You’re looking for a lifestyle transformation, not a gimmicky diet or fat loss short cut or some “body hack”.

  • You have a burning desire to make lasting memories with your kids (if you have any) and potentially future grandkids for years to come.

  • Being healthy is a basic and necessary use of your precious time.

  • You’re super busy and need a simple plan you can implement easily without jumping through hoops, without spending hours in the gym, and without expensive and preparation-intensive food.

  • You are willing to open your mind to new ideas, to learning and making a permanent lifestyle shift.

  • You want a simple, step-by-step, proven plan that is easy to follow.

When fitness instructors turn 50, what do they do?

How to get more results in less time and enjoy every day doing it.

There's 3 main steps to getting your life together for your second 50 years. First is Get Healthy. Second is Get Strong. And Third is Get Bad Ass. And that's what I'll show you how to do by following this simple, step by step program.
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When fitness instructors turn 50, what do they do?

Fat Loss Simplified

Get into the best shape of your life by eating good fat, working out less (not more) and acting like a caveman (but no hair pulling)

Simple, Permanent Fat Loss

Step #1 is to solve your underlying problem of insulin resistance and let your body heal itself

If you have a waist to height ratio of greater 0.5 (sorry for the math but just divide your largest waist diameter by your height in inches), you're insulin resistant. And with that comes a host of other problems like increased belly fat, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, low energy, low testosterone, autoimmune conditions, diabetes and the list goes on. You need to fix your insulin resistance first.
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Simple, Permanent Fat Loss

How to Build Muscle After 50

Want to increase the number of pushups you can do by 500%, shrink your waist by 6 inches and lose 35 lbs?

How to Build Muscle After 50

Step #2 is to re-build lost muscle mass, get strong and stop acting like an old guy.

Sarcopenia or muscle wasting happens naturally unless you are actively combating it with proper training. So you're either getting weaker and feeling older or you're building muscle, staying active and living life at full speed. There is no middle ground. You must resistance train in some capacity to keep your muscle mass intact. There is no getting around it.
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How to Build Muscle After 50

What do you get?

You get lifetime access to everything in the program and new training is added every month including:

  • Simple, Permanent Fat Loss which is my signature nutrition program focused on getting you healthy so your body naturally burns fat for energy and you look better, feel energized and everything else just gets easier.

  • How to Build Muscle After 50 so you have a proven, muscle-building program, based on short duration, high intensity workouts. You'll build muscle quickly, improve natural production of testosterone and look good with your shirt off at the beach.

  • Build a Bullet Proof Back so you can strengthen your low back and stop missing out on life when your back randomly gets out of kilter. If you have low back problems, you can solve them once and for all with this program.

  • The Ultimate Workout so you have a simple, yet effective high energy workout that builds muscle and shreds fat by utilizing the best full-body exercises available.

  • New training content added every month to solve more of your problems and keep you engaged in your health and fitness journey.

  • Live Q&A twice a month ensures all your questions get answered and you keep making steady progress.

  • Community accountability in a private Facebook group gives you another forum to ask questions, hear what others are doing and accomplishing and feel part of a bigger mission - Becoming Bad Ass.

  • 24 / 7 / 365 email consulting for when you need a question answered asap. You get priority response within 24 hours to ensure nothing gets in your way of working towards your goals.

Meet your coach

I help guys over 50 get lean, healthy and strong so they can be great fathers and lead awesome, adventurous lives.

  • Mark Fickler

    Over-50 Fitness Savior

    Mark Fickler

    Mark, aka Old Spartan, is a 63 year old coffee guzzling Primal Health and Longevity Coach wandering around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark believes in a simple, 3 step program to achieve optimum health. #1 is to get healthy primarily by eating the right foods. #2 is to get strong and yes you can build muscle at any age. #3 is to become the bad ass version of yourself basically by doing #1 and #2 long enough to make it a life-long habit. I can help you on your journey when you're ready.

What clients have said ...

Real results from real guys who did the work

by Iain Halstead

This has indeed been a lifestyle change ...

by Iain Halstead

“I just finished my third workout of week 12. My 36th consecutive workout without a single miss. I started with 10lb weights and ended up squatting with 80lbs, swinging 60lbs and pressing 50lbs. In week one I did six pushups, today I completed 30, and I could have done more. I’m feeling fitter and stronger and am so glad I found your program when I did. Starting next week I am going to repeat the entire workout, just upping the weight and adding more reps. I’ll probably add in some sprints as well. I have lost around 30lbs and my waist has shrunk by six inches. I still have a little way to go with that, but I know what to do. I’m eating good food and adding good fat to everything. It’s a rare day when I consume more than 35 carbs. Your availability and input has been invaluable throughout this process. Knowing I can shoot off a question and get a reply the same day has been extremely helpful. I wasn’t able to make it to many of the webinars, but if I had extra questions, it helped to hear you talk and explain the answers. If I have more questions, I’m sure I’ll send them to you, but for now I feel like I know what I’m doing and where I’m going. This has indeed been a lifestyle change and I’m so pleased I acted when I did. Cheers!”
Mike Reckner

Broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice ...

Mike Reckner

“I liked the way the coaching program broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice. Mark’s approach makes you realize what’s attainable with a bit of planning and commitment. I lost 25 lbs pretty quickly. I feel confident that I will sustain and continue to lose weight.”
Mark Gelfand

I look and perform better at 55 than at 40...

Mark Gelfand

“Followed your Old Spartan advice and lost 30 lbs. Got back 32 inch waist and can run an 8 minute mile no sweat. Basically cannot believe what I see in the mirror. All pretty simple: run sprints, resistance training and cut the carbs. I look and perform better at 55 than at 40. Cheers, keep it up.”
Jeff Hogue

I did this during the Holiday season ...

Jeff Hogue

“The coaching program helped me understand my eating habits and the changes required to meet my nutritional needs to get healthy and not just go on a diet. I lost 16 pounds during the program and 4 inches off my waist alone. The amazing thing was I did this during the Holiday season. I’m confident I can maintain my weight loss and look forward to continuing to not only lose weight but get healthy.”
John Oppelt

I haven’t done this in 20 years ...

John Oppelt

Mark, Really appreciate your following up. When we started this program, I set some goals that would have been great to achieve over time. I was cautiously optimistic. Gratefully, I am proud to say that I can wear 33” waist pants. I haven’t done this in 20 years. I still have some weight to drop but, I’m getting closer every week. You’ve truly been instrumental in helping me change my life. I’m eternally grateful. With much gratitude for all your guidance.
Joe Galivan

Lost 30 pounds, down to 22% body fat, GOT OFF INSULIN ...

Joe Galivan

"You got me started on this journey almost a year ago. Something you said a year ago really sunk in with me about seeing guys in the gym on the treadmill and getting nowhere. I was killing myself with 30 minute sessions twice per day on the treadmill and getting NOWHERE! I have lost 30 pounds, down to 22% body fat, GOT OFF INSULIN, designed and built my own squat rack with bumper weights and have steadily increased my squat, dead lift, bench, and chins. But by far my most favorite exercise is the farmers carry, by your suggestion. Even built handles to carry +70 lbs worth of cement blocks in each hands."

Bonus Material

The Becoming Bad Ass program is a compilation of various programs providing a comprehensive plan that I follow myself and provide for my clients to become leaner, stronger and healthier, so they can resume being their children’s hero and their wife’s fantasy.

  • Q&A Sessions Twice a Month

    Get all your questions answered live on a twice-monthly webinar training session. You can ask your question live and send it in advance, whatever works for you. You'll get a recording of the webinar session whether you attend live or not.

  • Real Time Access

    24 / 7 /365 access from anywhere – so you can jump online whenever you have a free moment (which I know are few and far between) and grab the info you need and get to it.

  • Unlimited Email Consulting

    I know, sometimes things just stump you and you cannot work it out. Well never fear, drop me an email with your problem and I’ll send you the answer to get you back on track quickly.

Bonus Reports

If you want to know why The Spartan Method works, read these bonus reports that are backed up with scientific evidence.

  • Evolution and Optimal Health PDF

    Learn how two and a half million years of selection pressure and harsh environmental circumstances created the perfect genetic recipe for human health and longevity. And how you can turn this around in your favor.

  • Gene Expression and Reprogramming PDF

    Gene switches turn on or off according to signals received from their environment. Find out how you can manipulate and optimize gene expression through foods, workouts and lifestyle behaviors to build the body you’ve always wanted.

  • Fat vs Carbohydrate as Fuel PDF

    Humans have been hard-wired through environmental selection pressure to prefer fat as their primary fuel source from both storage and from dietary sources. Find out how this gives you the unfair edge over other people for concentration and daily energy.

More Bonus Reports

  • Fat Loss Success is 80% Diet PDF

    Excess body fat is directly reflective of the amount of insulin you produce in your diet combined with your familial predisposition to store excess body fat. Find out why this means those days of worrying about needing hours in the gym are a thing of the past.

  • Grains are Unnecessary for Human Health PDF

    Grains are merely a cheap source of calories that are easily converted into glucose. They have minimal nutritional value, stimulate excess insulin production and contain anti-nutrients that compromise digestive and immune function, promote systemic inflammation and inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Find out what you actually should be eating and why this will make all the difference to your weight loss and wellness goals

  • Fat and Cholesterol are Not Your Enemy PDF

    There is no correlation between the consumption of foods high in saturated fat or cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Find out what has been the preferred fuel source for humans throughout evolution and why it will continue to be into the future.


  • What if I don't like the program?

    You can cancel at any time. But you'll like it because it's simple and it works.

  • Are you selling supplements that I have to buy to make this work?


  • How long will it take me to lose all my fat?

    Plan on sticking to this program for the rest of your life. This is not a temporary diet just to lose fat. It's a way to eat, move and live to get healthy and stay healthy while enjoying a more active and adventurous life.

  • Can I drink alcohol occasionally?

    Yes. Perfection is not required. You can have treats and eat anything you want as long as your baseline nutritional pattern makes sense.

  • Why will it work for me?

    It's based on science and evolutionary principles. We work with your genetic code to get the response your body desires.

  • How often do I have to workout to get results?

    The Build Muscle After 50 12 week muscle building program which is included in this bundle, is set up for 3 workouts a week. They are short, intense workouts that will likely take you between 20 minutes and 40 minutes to complete (depending on the day)

Hey You - my over-worked, overweight and over-tired friend...

It's time to get off the sidelines and take control of your future. Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for your wife…become a Spartan Warrior, a Bad Ass Dad!

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