Why It Works

Linear Progression without Over Training

  • Changing Volume & Intensity

    Don't make the beginner mistake of going hard all the time. You'll just burn out, over-train and not make consistent gains. Learn to vary intensity and volume to get faster results.

  • Distinct Phases and Goals

    Use Three, 4-week phases to maximize gains. Start with Metabolic Training; move onto Endurance Training and finish with Strength Training

What You Get

12 Weeks of Workouts - Guaranteed to Build Muscle Fast!

Course curriculum

Meet Your Coach

I help guys over 50 get lean, healthy and strong so they can be active, fun dads and live adventurous lives.

  • Mark Fickler

    Over-50 Fitness Savior

    Mark Fickler

    Mark, aka Old Spartan, is a 63 year old coffee guzzling Primal Health and Longevity Coach wandering around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark believes in a simple, 3 step program to achieve optimum health. #1 is to get healthy primarily by eating the right foods. #2 is to get strong and yes you can build muscle at any age. #3 is to become the bad ass version of yourself basically by doing #1 and #2 long enough to make it a life-long habit. I can help you on your journey when you're ready.

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Buy with a one-time lump sum or pay over 3 months. Your choice.

What Guys Have Said...

Real Results from Real Guys

by Iain Halstead

A Life-Changing Program

by Iain Halstead

Mark is the real deal and his programs work. I worked a 12 week program of diet and strength training and I lost 20lbs pretty quickly. Then the belly fat began to disappear and my arms legs and stomach began to show muscle definition. I decided on my own to repeat the entire program, twice. As I write this I am completing week 35 of 36. I lost a further 20lbs and my 42 inch waist (measured, not pants size) has dropped to. 31 inches. I have had to buy all new clothes. It's fantastic! I feel great and I look great. This is a lifestyle change for me as a 56 year old man. Mark was (and is still) there for me throughout the process. I would shoot a email about something (and I had a lot of questions) and he'd shoot one right back. We talked on the phone when I had a concern about balancing food intake with low carbs. And there were weekly webinars, a Facebook group and more. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark and his programs to anyone over 50 They have been life changing for me.
by Bill Crabtree

Easy to Follow Plan

by Bill Crabtree

The program is easy to follow and adjustable to my specific needs. I am able to get a workout in whether it's at home, on the road or at a gym. I'm stronger and feel better emotionally. Push, pull, hinge, squat and carry is the way to go!

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